This website was created by volunteers from Restless Development ICS with support from both Restless Development and YSP Nepal.

At the time of the site’s creation, there were very few online sources of information about Sindhuli. Not only did this limit everyone from finding out about the district’s personality and potential, but it prevents people from discovering what the area has to offer visitors, locals, tourists and travellers alike.

To overcome this, a volunteer working on Restless Development’s ICS programme wanted to bring the character of Sindhuli online. And so, working with a team of volunteers, this website was brought to life by the people living and working in the district for 7 months.

Restless Development is an international development charity which works in over 8 countries and puts young people at the forefront of change.

Development and Peace Nepal (YSP-Nepal) is an autonomous organization established for achieving lasting peace and development by empowering, involving and informing young people.

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