Between Khurkot and Gwaltar you will find the villages of Deuralitar, Belini and Hyber. Recently combined into one locality, these villages have charming personalities and offer the chance for relaxing stop offs on your travels.

Deuralitar Valley.JPG
Valleys and scenery near to Deuralitar

Whilst separate, Belini, Hyber and Deuralitar’s history are intertwined. They were historically places in which only the ‘Koirala’ castes were allowed to live. This was because a historical king – during the Rana dynasty – gave permission for the Koirala to claim the land – prized for its natural beauty – as their own. In more recent history, other peoples moved into the area and, of course, no restrictions are in place as to who can enjoy living in or simply visiting the area.

The first village you’ll encounter, sat alongside the Sunkoshi River, is Hyber. A small village of around 500 people and home to temples dedicated to Shiva and Krishna, the village isn’t visited so much in the hot summer months. However, during winter, it is a popular starting point for a journey down the Sunkoshi River by boat. Additionally, Hyber has a hiking route which will take will take you to the top of the hills which surround the area. From here, you can enjoy stunning views and taste wild Junar fruit which grow at the top.

The winding road to Hyber

Further along the main road, and still alongside the Sunkoshi River, you’ll approach Belini. In fact, the first thing you may see is the local football teams playing a game or tournament on the football pitch by the river! Bellini is a beautiful spot with a small population of around 300 people. The ever-friendly hosts at the Anisha Hotel provide traditional Nepali food and a room is available for just 60 rupees. Incredible trees and scenery in the area make this a wonderfully relaxing stop off point.

Baleni sits right next to the Sunkoshi River

Further along and distinctly up the road you will reach Deuralitar. As well as offering amazing views of the surrounding areas of Gwaltar, Belini and the Sunkoshi River, visitors can find fresh water springs and an eye-catching new temple built in 2017. In Deuralitar, you could relax with a delicious chia tea; take a refreshing bath under the springs or, perhaps, visit during Shiva Rahtri where the wonderful festivities are truly welcoming to everyone.


Deuralitar Temple.JPG
Deuralitar’s colourful temple was built in 2017.