Gwaltar is a village in Sindhuli’s Golujar Gaupalika Ward No. 3, about 120km from Kathmandu. The village runs alongside the Sunkoshi River and from Gwaltar to the district’s headquarter Sindhuli Mhadi is around 45km. Situated just off the BP highway, the roads through Gwaltar lead to Khotang, Solukhumbu (where you can see the famous Mount Everest) and Okheldhunga.

Gwaltar Photo
The village of Gwaltar amongst the hills of Nepal

In the centre of the village is a beautiful, towering pipal tree. Many community members sit below the tree each day, chatting about the latest happenings and will be more than happy to chat if you join them. Many community meetings or events happen here and you may well see one if you are passing through. Just next to the tree you will find a cosy corner café serving delicious chai tea.

Pipal Tree, Gwaltar.JPG
The Pipal tree is a central spot for gatherings and conversation

Recently, Gwaltar became a sub-municipality, increasing its powers and local budget. The community are incredibly proud of this and, combined with the 2017’s increase in local budgets, it signals a very exciting time for the area. A new head office is being built providing another centre of activity as people will come here to register to vote, get passports and attend political meetings.

Holi Festival.JPG
Gwaltar during Holi festival

The village is one of the main business hubs of Sindhuli, and for people of nearby villages. For example, Birtaghat – small village in neighbouring Ramechap district – has very limited access to water, travel and education. A brilliant 206m suspension bridge crosses the Sunkoshi River allowing the community to come across and make use of Gwaltar’s tailors, hospital, police office and financial services.

The main business hub outside of Gwaltar is Khurkot or Sindhuli Madi. Mostly, local residents will prefer to go to Khurkot as it is only 12km away and takes half an hour to reach.

Bridge Over Sunkoshi.JPG
Suspension bridge across Sunkoshi river

Gwaltar is also home to Shree Kaushika Higher Secondary School, a major educational institution in the area, with over 600 students. Many students from nearby villages attend, including Belini, Deuralitar, Birtaghat and Bhaudura.

There are many hotels in Gwaltar, including Hotel Village Top and Hotel Haleshe Mahedev. In addition to this are many local cafes serving tasty food including chat pate, samosas and, of course, dhal bhat! Rent for one night’s stay in Hotel Village Top is NPR500/-.