Jhanghajholi Ratamata is an area of Sindhuli district that is made up of 5 different villages. These are Guthbazar, Ratamata, Bohoretar, Laxmi Danda and Kalimate. The landscape is walled by beautiful hills and has the stunning Sunkoshi River running throughout. Jhangajholi Ratamata is the ideal place for any nature enthusiast to go and explore, with its fascinating variety of flora and fauna, ranging from giant pipal trees to the great swooping red kites, packs of monkeys and serene farming pastures.

Banana Trees.jpg
Banana trees in Jhangajholi Ratamata

The area hosts a large variety of hindu temples and shrines throughout. These include Ram Mandir temple in Guthbazar, a thriving place of celebration and worship during the Ram Nawami festival; Ganeshthan temple, the great swami tree temple located between Guthbazar and Ratamata which attracts followers every Tuesday; and Pratapeshwor Mahadev, a temple located in a cave 7km away from Bohoretar.

The area has many temples for worship

Along with its scenery and religious institutions, Jhanghajholi Ratamata has a brilliant range of restaurants and cafes, serving the tastiest traditional Nepali cuisine. One of the favourite restaurants of the area is Sun Shine Café, located along the B.P. Highway in Guthbazar. No visitor would be disappointed with the food and drinks here (and the very best Dhal Bhat!). The staff are very friendly and the customers receive the warmest welcome at all times; speak to Santosh the owner, he is a great man to talk to for the history of the area and will always bring a smile to the table.

Sunshine Cafe.JPG
The popular Sun Shine cafe, great for food and drinks

Other recommended restaurants in Guthbazar include Ratobale (delicious momos!) and Jyoti Hotel (with rooms going at NPR500/- per night). In Bohoretar, the Sunkoshi café and hotel serve delicious food and also hosts accommodation for visitors and passersby.

You will find that the community is very friendly. When exploring the area, they will be very excited to say hello and help you get the most from your experience there. The residents of all ages are very open, always happy to share stories and curious to find out more about visitors.

Public Gathering.JPG
You’ll be welcome to join community events in the area

You can socialize in Ratamata playing ‘Carrom’ with the local youth, a Nepali game in the same vein as pool or snooker but played with the hands. Or, try your hand at national card games such as Dhumbal or Marriage (which uses 3 decks of cards!). In the heat of midday, people like to rest at the Chautara of the big Swami, Pipal and Baar trees, this is the perfect place to relax and unwind whilst getting to know the community.