The village of Khaniya Kharka, situated over 2,000ft above sea level, is a great area to visit when in Sindhuli. Situated atop the BP Highway between Khurkot and Sindhuli Madi, its cool climate and spectacular views make it a perfect stop off point for rest and refueling. Make sure to visit the historical Sindhuli Ghadi, just 5 minutes away by bus.

Khaniya Kharka Centre.JPG
Khaniya Kharka sits atop the hills of Nepal

There are numerous cafes within the village that cater to the needs of many. Cafes such as Prem Sagar Hotel can offer freshly made chicken chow mein, momos and, of course, dhal bhat! Other restaurants such as Langhali Hotel can provide fresh fruit and local grown tea.


During the afternoon, the quite town is transformed into a bustling market place. The food stalls sit next to each other in a row along the town, ideal for grabbing a bite to eat. The stalls offer a range of samosas, potato (aloo) chops, chatpati, and much more. The other stalls provide a range of in-season fruit, vegetables, spice and juices.

Delicious Food.JPG
Delicious food is available in many cafes

On Tuesdays, there is a village bazar where you can buy clothing, toiletries and household goods. Some of the sellers even travel from India – the border is just a couple of hours away – so it is a great opportunity for locals and tourists to browse. Visitors can pick up low priced traditional clothing like scarves, hats and kurthas, with a tailor located just next to the bazar for perfect sizing!

The bazaar has loads of great things to buy

The village, which distinctively curves around a mountain edge, outlines a forest. A walk into the forest and you will see goats being herded, fields being tended, and perhaps a few monkeys swinging from the trees! The forest has great character and makes for a great walk whilst in the area.

Khaniya Kharka is also a great area for those who enjoy hiking or meditating in relaxing mountain spots. Within ten minutes of walking uphill, you will find beautiful views of Sindhuli and, on a good day, views of the Himalayas.

Views From Khaniya Kharka.jpg
Get above the clouds for stunning views

The village also has fantastic transport links, with numerous buses passing through every hour heading through to Sindhulimadhi and Kathmandu. Travel to Sindhuli Ghadi is just NPR10 from here. You can also find a football pitch where there is always a friendly football match being played. Another efficient transport link is Sindhuli Bazaar which is a more built-up area, with a hospital, library, clothes shop and more.

Sindhuli Ghadi.jpg
The historical fort of Sindhuli Ghadi

The community is very welcoming and always happy to answer any questions you might have. On walks around the village, you may even find yourself invited to plant rice or to join in a dance! Overall, it is a very warm and friendly place to be and to stop off here for a hike or to take in the views would add to anyone’s visit.