The village of Khurkot is a great destination to rejuvenate. Sitting next to the Sunkoshi River and a major hub along the BP highway for business and transport, you will certainly pass through Khurkot when travelling through Sindhuli.

Although a lot smaller than the headquarters Sindhuli Madi, its many cafes and hotels make it a popular spot with travelers. The cafes offer a variety of foods, from a tasty traditional Dahl Bahht in Manakamana café to a great plate of channa or a vegetable omelet in Good Luck Café.

The long distance travelers, cyclists and backpackers who pass through often stop at the local grocery shop, which is useful to stock-up on fruits, vegetables, grains and snacks. Nestled along the smaller lanes are little shops selling traditional Nepali street foods, Samosas, Jerry, Malpua, Aloo Chops – a delicious treat. Tailoring services are available here too, a good opportunity to get some traditional clothing fitted by a local craftsperson.

Khurkot Central.JPG
Cafes in central Khurkot

Handfuls of colourful hotels hug each other, brightening up the town and providing a good priced stay to visitors. A night in a local hotel will be around NPR700. Khurkot also hosts two Hospitals and a pharmacy which provide emergency health care, medical services such as x-rays, ultrasounds and child delivery as well as a variety of medicines. An electrical shop also sits along the main road, which offers services such as mobile phone fixing and printing. Otherwise, Khurkot has good transport links with Sindhulimadhi, Sindhuli Gardi and neighbouring district Ramechap.

The bustle that surrounds Khurkot can sometimes hide the close-knit community which calls it home. To both sides of the main road are clusters of homes, owned by friendly and very helpful people. They can often be seen in the ever-changing fields, planting and harvesting.

The Sindhuli district is woven with beautiful sloping hills and gives rise to some lovely hiking opportunities around Khurkot. An hour walk uphill sits the lovely village of Ratatar, which has spectacular views over the town and down through the valley. Another hour walk can take you to Tribeni Temple, where many Hindu festivals are celebrated.

A shorter stroll down from the center flows the Sunkoshi River. A serene white sanded bank to one side, offers a great opportunity to take a break in the sunshine. Many people choose to sit along the suspension bridge high above, to watch the buzzards circle, buffalo graze or the fishermen at their work.

So, whether it’s a short stop for a tasty lunch break or a longer stay to enjoy the surrounding area and the towns’ friendliness, Khurkot will surly leave its stamp on you.