By far the biggest town in the area, Sindhuli Madi is the capital of Sindhuli. If you love the hustle-and-bustle of a busy town, with a vibrant character and full of delicious Nepali food, you will be at home in Sindhuli Madi.

In ancient times, a great saint used to dwell in the hill of the area of Sindhuli Madi. He was known as as ‘Siddha Baba’ (or ‘one who is enlightened’) among local people. Eventually, the whole area became known as Siddhasthali सिद्धस्थाली (place where enlighten lives) which, with time, became ‘Sindhuli’.

In modern days, the area is a much busier place with a lot of character. Whether you are here for visit, staying over during a visit to Sindhuli Ghadi, or on your travels further into Nepal, you will find everything you need here. A variety of places to stay from aging, comforting homestays to contemporary hotels with swimming pools give a huge range of choice to stay whether you’re on a budget or not. Countless bars and restaurants give choice for an evening of drinking or eating, or maybe you can check out the pool hall for an evening of games.

Sindhuli Madi is incredibly well connected. The bus terminal can take your further into your travels in to Nepal, either closer to Mount Everest or to the capital of Kathmandu.