Sindhuli’s Ghumane Chainpur has been home to Sherjung Baral for the last 56 years. Now part of the 6th generation of his family to live in the village, his house sits between flourishing land and beautiful views of the Sunkoshi River.

Looking Over Home.JPG
Sherjung looking over his home.

A retired officer after 33 years in Nepal Telecom and a degree in political science behind him, he is now a Chairman of the Panchakanya Lower Secondary School which he attended as a child.

He didn’t have an easy upbringing. At a young age Sherjung developed an illness with a high fever. Complications resulted in him becoming paralysed between the ages of 10 and 16. Despite this, he managed to get back into education thanks to his late uncle Aatibal Majhi.

Before the BP Highway was constructed, the roads were dirt tracks and very treacherous with limited access to neighbouring villages. However, Aatibal carried Sherjung in a basket on his back for eight days to Kathmandu to get help. The hospital was able to identify the illness and provide treatment, giving him a new lease of life.

He is still so thankful for the care and support the community gave him during this difficult time, and wants to give back through supporting the future generations. He strongly believes ‘do not lose hope in life, you can do better one day’.

His enthusiasm for education is evident through the support he gives local youth in Ghumane Chainpur to enter into higher education. Many of the local boys do not enter into higher education, which contrasts with the majority of girls who do. He believes most of the girls will eventually move away when they get married, so he wants to ensure education continues to be a high priority for those who stay as well.

He focuses his energy on generating interest in school and spreading awareness of the importance of education. Although people were not supportive at first of his proposals for more school buildings, they are now underway and being built thanks to his dedication. He is a huge inspiration for the community.

Sherjung at school

Sherjung’s passion for education is also shared by his three daughters. One a student of business, another of engineering, and the eldest following her dream as a successful doctor in the UK.

Sherjung loves welcoming visitors to his eco-friendly and harmonious village. He is so proud to call Ghaumaune Chainpur his home and believes the beautiful surroundings and happy people are an inspiration. Now, he spends his time dancing, singing, and celebrating: enjoying life! His life lesson being, ‘take care of today, and God will take care of tomorrow.”